How To Start Running – A Beginners Guide
admin | July 2, 2010 | 4:28 am | Running for Beginners, Running for Weight Loss
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How To Start Running

For the majority that take up running, they rarely think about how to start running the right way. The general idea seems to simply be to put on a running shirt, some old jogging pants and a pair of sneakers and off they go, running in to the sunset… and then back again in around 5 minutes time, feeling exhausted and demoralised about how challenging the whole experience was.

This is not how to start running. The next 5 steps are what you must take in order to avoid the usual beginners running traps that most starters face.

Step 1

Buy a pair of good quality, well fitting running shoes. Using the right footwear can make you feel like you’re running on clouds instead of feeling every lump and bump in the road as your heel strikes the ground sending shock waves up your whole body. Not only this, but wearing badly fitting running shoes can greatly increase the chances of you suffering from a number of runners blights including shin splints, stress fractures and Achilles tendonitis, to name just a few.

Step 2

Get yourself a good running schedule that shows you how to run properly. The schedule should be written by an experienced running coach who has worked with beginners as well as athletes. An ex Olympian or extreme endurance athlete won’t have a clue as to the way most people feel when they start running. Not only that, but usually their main drive for their sport is through pushing themselves as far as they can and the feeling that gives them.
Most new runners don’t start running in order to win an Olympic medal or put themselves through as much pain as they can. In fact most beginners are looking to simply lose some weight, get a bit fitter or achieve a goal of running a race for charity or just to prove to themselves that they can commit to something and achieve a target in their life.

Step 3

Write yourself some goals and targets to aim for. They may be as simple as – “I have run on 3 occasions this week”, “I will aim to beat my best time on my favourite run” or “I can run for 1 mile without stopping at the end of 4 weeks”. The most important point here is that these goals motivate you in to taking action

Step 4

Learn how to run properly. Yes that’s right, actually learn the technique of running. It’s probably one of the most important factors of how to start running successfully. If you get this bit right now, you’ll avoid teaching your body improper running technique which may well save you months of dissapointment and frustration if you pick up any niggling injuries due to poor form.

Step 5

Start slowly. Take a long term view of your running and try to enjoy the whole process. Don’t think that you have to run on your first few training sessions, instead, power walk and add in a few sporadic short bursts of gentle jogging. If you approach running like a bull at a gate, you’ll become very despondent as you’ll never build up enough stamina and strength in your heart, lungs or legs to be able to keep going for very long. Instead coax and encourage your body in to changing.

Hopefully that gives you some thoughts to how to start running properly so you avoid injury, stagnation, boredom and the frustration from not seeing any progress and you can go on to enjoy and succeed in your new chosen sport.